How our schools are run

Zelda School is a Charity (Registered No.: 1140307), and is overseen by a board of Trustees.

At the time of writing (May 2019), the Trustees are:

Kathryn White - Chair of Trustees, Website
Zelda Astley - Executive Headteacher
Theresa Robertson - Creative Director
Russ Monhemius - Finance & Safeguarding
Anna Roberts - Press, Promotions and Personnel
Abby Jackson - Buildings and Projects

The Trustees are responsible for overseeing all of the charity’s activities, and for ensuring that these activities remain true to the charity’s core purpose. Because the charity runs two schools, the role of the Trustees is also like that of school Governors. Trustees are not paid for their work in this role.

The Trustees are collectively the employers of all the Zelda School staff, provide support to the management team and all other staff and deal with any issues that arise, are responsible for future planning and development of the Zelda Schools, press and promotions, recruitment of new staff, budgeting and reports, financial planning, buildings and maintenance, grant applications and outreach with other schools and organisations.

The Trustees meet once every half term, and work behind the scenes in many capacities. They also join workdays, help create the festivals and fairs, and do further buildings and maintenance work at the schools out of term time.

If you would like to know more about the Trustee group, please contact Kathryn White on 07885 912 555.

School Management

The two Zelda Schools are jointly managed by Zelda Astley and Vicki Strugnell.

The Headteacher of Zelda School in Gweek is Zelda Astley.
The Deputy of Zelda School in Gweek is Vicki Strugnell.

The Headteacher of Zelda School Woodland Valley is Vicki Strugnell.
The Deputy of Zelda School Woodland Valley is Zelda Astley.