Our Charity

Zelda School is a Registered Charity (No. 1140307), with our primary purpose stated as ‘The advancement of education for children by establishing and running schools, and otherwise supporting the education of young children.’

Beyond our work at the two existing Zelda Schools, we are also committed to supporting outdoor learning in all schools everywhere. We run teacher-training days at the Gweek Zelda School for the many teachers who nowadays want to bring the mainstream school curriculum outdoors, and wish to further develop their outdoor learning techniques. One of our core aims is to extend this teacher-training capacity.

We also work to develop connections and share ideas with like-minded schools and individuals all over the UK and internationally, through attending talks and workshops, and receiving visitors and students for placements at our schools.

We have a Zelda School ambassador, Phil Waters, who talks and educates all over the world on the importance of children being able to connect with nature. Phil worked with us on his doctorate for the European Centre for Environment and Human Health and the University of Exeter Medical School on Narrative Journeys in outdoor education - bringing together play, nature and narrative - conducting much of his research at Zelda School. He promotes our work at every opportunity for which we are very grateful. See a short film about Phil’s study at Zelda School HERE.

All details of the charity, including Trustees, finances and Annual Reports are available on the Charity Commission's website HERE.