Non-financial contribution

In order to keep fees to a minimum and make the schools as accessible as possible, Zelda School has been established on a system of financial and non-financial contributions from parents. Both of these contributions are essential.

As well as the financial contribution made in fees, we require that parents share a few simple tasks. Tasks are allocated in a way that is accessible for all parents, and can be worked around your working and family lives. No one person ever has to do more than they can manage - it’s the definition of ‘many hands make light work’.

These are the tasks that parents are responsible for:

  • cleaning your child’s classroom once every term
  • gardening half a day every term
  • joining workdays once a term
  • joining a parent group: Festivals and Fundraising, Curriculum and Grounds and Maintenance

Not only do these contributions of your time and skills help the school keep fees to a minimum, but they also bring you into close contact with the place your children spend their days, the material they use and the environment they are in. Workdays, when parents and children work together, can be amongst the best days in the Zelda School year. Getting to know each other at the same time as being productive is a great feeling.