Our partners

We are very lucky to have found two wonderful sites for the Zelda Schools, run by people with whom we have a strong compatibility. We are forever grateful for the commitment and support we receive from these partners, who work with us continuously to help the schools grow and evolve.

In Gweek, we are situated on Holifield Farm in an area of outstanding natural beauty with organic farmland, woods and streams near to the Helford River. Holifield Farm Project is owned and run by Rob and Amy West and runs a day centre for adults with special needs to learn organic farming practices and have valuable time outdoors. Their aim is to be holistic and inclusive, and to promote a sustainable living ethos. They hold the Big Tent Festival aimed at special needs adults and their carers, families and friends every June, and the Holifair Family Festival every August. They also hire out marquees and process salvaged wood to order. To find out more about this wonderful project and their Festivals, please visit Holifield Farm Project.

At Ladock, we are situated on Woodland Valley Farm, a beautiful organic farm owned and run by Chris and Janet Jones. Woodland Valley has a wonderful event and activity centre with group accommodation, in which they run many courses and events and host amazing green weddings. They are committed to sharing Woodland Valley with the wider community, and to use it as an outdoor classroom. Their business and farming practice are founded on the themes of conservation, sustainability and inclusivity. In partnership with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust, Chris and Janet have successfully reintroduced beavers at Woodland Valley, and hope their presence may help with flooding issues further downstream. This is an extraordinary project to be in close contact with, bringing exciting potential learning and experiences Zelda School pupils and teachers. To find out more, please visit Woodland Valley.