As a Reception Class teacher at Constantine I have found all the children we have had from you to be independent and motivated learners, resourceful and thoughtful in problem solving. They have achieved all the basic skills needed to be confident learners and have cooperated effectively with others too.

I was hugely impressed by their kindness, thoughtfulness and ability to focus on each child’s needs. [Our daughter] split her time between Zelda School and a pre-school nearby so I was able to compare the two environments. Both encouraged her to learn and explore but in different ways, she benefitted from being outside more at Zelda school and had a lot more individual attention compared with the pre-school.

Our son is very energetic! We knew he would need a different kind of environment, where he could express himself physically and use up his energy positively. He is very happy at Zelda School and as parents it is a lovely feeling to have your child run happily into school each morning.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Zelda school to anyone who wants the very best for their child, the effort they put in is exceptional and we are incredibly lucky to have it.